Dr Richard Reid Has Been a Member of Various Committees

Dr Richard Reid Sydney

Dr Richard Reid, a Sydney based experienced gynaecologist, works at Specialist Medical Centre as a Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon. He has in-depth understanding of different female reproductive system diseases such as cancer, menstruation, and urine related problems. He carefully listens to the patients’ problems, and suggests the best treatment possible.

He is a self-motivated professional with keen to learn attitude. His dedication and hard work helped him establish a leading position in the field of gynaecology. He has been associated with a wide range of national and international committees such as Chairman of Gynecology Section at 15th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Papillomavirus Study Group, International Society for the Study of Vulvar Diseases, and Gynecology Section, American Society for Lasers in Medicine & Surgery. In addition, Doctor Richard Reid also served as a committee member of Nomenclature Committee – International Federation of Cervical Pathology…

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