Ciaran Maguire Group: Economy of Cape Verde in 2007

Ciaran Maguire Group

Ciaran Maguire Group made extensive enquiries into the economy of Cape Verde in 2007 before the purchase of the land took place in Boa Vista, one of the beautiful unspoilt islands of the Archipelago of Cape Verde just off the West Coast of Africa.  The islands, some which are uninhabited, provided the inspiration for the Irish entrepreneur Ciaran Maguireto purchase the land in Boa Vista which has over 55km of soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.  Ciaran Maguire, who came from a family background of developers created the brand Palm View to become amongst the world most renown Resorts in 2007 and has continued to grow the brand with the for sight of land acquisitions in the early 2000.

Construction Investment

Feasibility Reports for the company were carried out by professional consultants and the findings were based on economic figures, political stability and the growing tourism and development of the…

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